Assessments of Sustainable Waste Management Alternatives: How to Support Complex Knowledge Management
Journal article, 2006

The vision of sustainable development is a driving force for change. To understand more about processes of local policy making, and their prerequisites for such change, it is relevant to examine how individual actors use briefing material and how they make assessments in complex planning situations. This study is about the processing of knowledge in a case of planning of a future waste management system. In this case, the written briefing material was shown to have less impact on the arguments and assessments of participating actors. Consequently, process facilitation for complex planning situations needs to support and strive for collective, reflective and transparent knowledge management. High-quality process support thus needs to have its emphasis on arguments, rather than on particular assessment tools and the written briefing material.


Henriette Söderberg

Chalmers, Architecture

Jaan-Henrik Kain

Chalmers, Architecture

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Vol. 49 1 21-29

Subject Categories

Architectural Engineering

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