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Report, 1981

Consumer report ("avnämarrapport" in Swedish) for a research foundation (Styrelse för Teknisk Utveckling STU, Stockholm) (det första stora forskningsprojekt som författarna hade vid (i anslutning till) Chalmers Tekniska Högskola).

A comment: Publishing consumer reports was the praxis during this (early) period of time at Chalmers University of Technology, as well as probably at some other universities. This means that frequent and vast academic publication by means of e.g. conference papers and refereed contributions to scientific journals was almost unheard of. At least so for some of the applied science disciplines. However, today are the situation indeed very different (i.e. earlier was the publication in many respects focused on trying to satisfy the executive administrator the research foundation in question etc.).

To be more precise, this early praxis was definitively the case for the research and development work carried out at the Department of Transportation (a broadly applied science discipline), which was characterized by more practical strives to e.g. engineer research results. Rather than relying on truer scientific efforts in a narrower sense. Functional satisfaction (i.e. something engineered work as planned instead verification/falsification of a hypothesis) was judged as being a primary aim of this research and development work.

Therefore are (in the context of the publications registered in Chalmers Public Library CPL) the author making distinctions between consumer reports, on one hand. And, one the other hand, reports and preprints (manuscripts), while instead the academically orientated publications are various sort of scientific contributions presented at conferences or published in scientific journals (actually it is somewhat more complex, but further explanations are omitted here). The consumer reports were aimed at a various external organization with who the authors cooperated, and these are in many cases not available in PDF format to be easily read by logging in at CPL.

This particular approach has judged as being fair/relevant fair in order to mirror of work conducted by the author or authors during the passing decades. Besides, the competencies at Chalmers Library, who actually have been very helpful, have not managed to provide appropriate answers to the various questions implied being at hand just above (this despite trying to get hold of such answers, hence this very comment).

work organisation

materials feeding techniques

small workgroups

restructuring of information systems

parallel product flows

autonomous work groups

manufacturing technology


alternatives to line assembly

long work cycle times

assembly work

work structuring


learning and training


Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Ulf Karlsson

Department of Industrial Management

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Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology (IMIT)

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