Technical and Human Aspects of Welding Work - Analysis of Efficiency and Ergonomics of Two Work Stations
Conference contribution, 1999

This publication was written during a period of time when the authors were engaged in an extensive research programme financed by the National Institute for Working Life in Solna (Cooperative for Optimisation of industrial production systems regarding Productivity and Ergonomics COPE). And, this publication deals with welding and welding work with regard to specific time consumption and particular ergonomic aspects, as was practised within the Autonova plant in Uddevalla (i.e. the successor of the Volvo Uddevalla plant reopened some years later).

welding work


operator efficiency

evaluate work and work conditions

cross and multi-sciences approaches

manufacturing system design

work-related musculoskeletal disorders

manufacturing technology


Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Gert-Åke Hansson

Therese Möller

Kerstins Ohlsson

J Unge Byström

ICPR - 15 Manufacturing for a global Market. Hillery M. and Lewis H. L. (eds.), s. 989 - 992
Limerick, Ireland,

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Health Sciences

Environmental Health and Occupational Health

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