Utvärdering av kundanpassad arbetstid vid Volvo Last- och Personvagnar i Göteborg: Tre enkätstudier berörande arbetstider och arbete
Preprint, 2002

This manuscript (preprint not yet published due to one of the two authors retirement) summaries some of our questionnaire surveys conducted som far within the automotive industry (see other publications registered in CPL). It is a consumer report for the Metal Workers Union (Metal in Swedish) at some Volvo plants. with who we have managed to create a long-term cooperation for further initiatives, like these touched upon in e.g. this publication and elsewhere.

The manuscript underlines an emerges of a sort of preliminary summarization of selected parts of our combined methods to analyse production systems (of combined data, collections of company data, interviews, questionnaire surveys, video-registration, etc.). For example, this has been carried out by means of constructions so-called schematised layouts (a more general function if the production system in question).

work-time scheduling

occupational health issues

perception of work and work conditions

questionnaire surveys

manufacturing system design


statistical analyses

manufacturing technology


Tomas Engström

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Bo Blomquist

University of Gothenburg

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