Time-optimal Race Car Driving using an Online Exact Hessian based Nonlinear MPC Algorithm
Paper in proceeding, 2017

This work presents an embedded nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) strategy for autonomous vehicles under a minimum time objective. The time-optimal control problem is stated in a path-parametric formulation such that existing reliable numerical methods for real-time nonlinear MPC can be used. Building on previous work on timeoptimal driving, we present an approach based on a sequential quadratic programming type algorithm with online propagation of second order derivatives. As an illustration of our method, we provide closed-loop simulation results based on a vehicle model identified for small-scale electric race cars.


Robin Verschueren

University of Freiburg

Mario Zanon

University of Freiburg

Rien Quirynen

University of Freiburg

KU Leuven

Moritz Diehl

University of Freiburg

Proceedings of the European Control Conference


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Control Engineering



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