Solar heating using roof module collectors - Examples from new and existing building areas
Magazine article, 2006

Solar heating can be applied to new, as well as existing multifamily buildings; either the buildings are connected to a local heating plant or a district heating network. The paper will describe a development of roof integrated collectors from site built collectors to prefabricated roof module collectors based on two major applications: new residential buildings built by EKSTA Bostads AB and existing multifamily buildings renovated by Gårdstensbostäder AB, both municipal housing companies are in the Göteborg area. Since early 1980’s EKSTA has built about 10 new residential developments with about 6 000 m² of solar collectors on a number of new buildings. The majority of buildings, typically better insulated than required by the Swedish building code, are connected to local heating plants combining wood pellet or briquette boilers and solar heating using roof-integrated solar collectors. Gårdstensbostäder has carried out a renovation project with the aim to demonstrate a comprehensive integrated concept, comprising energy conservation and utilisation of solar energy, as well as improved architectural and social conditions, making the buildings in a typical existing residential building area from the 1970's more attractive. The project comprises 500 apartments in 3-5 floor concrete element in six blocks. The renovation was carried out in two phases: one finished late 2000 and one finished in early 2004. One innovative feature is 1 410 m² prefabricated roof modules with integrated solar collectors for pre-heating DHW.

solar collectors

building integration


Jan-Olof Dalenbäck

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Building Services Engineering

Polska Energetyka Sloneczna, Nr 1-2/2006, May 2006, ISES Poland.

1730-2420 (ISSN)

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