The Embodiments exhibition
Other - Exhibition, 2014

The Embodiments are six 3d printed pieces, representing fragments of organic building skins. They were conceived entirely in the digital space, using a carefully-selected, hybrid digital toolset, containing five different design techniques – animation, free-form modeling, generative modeling, parametric modeling, and rapid prototyping. Each artifact is immersed in an intriguing light and shadow environment of its exhibition capsule. By looking inside these capsules, the viewers have a unique chance to personally experience the expressive, richly-decorated forms, conceived through a fruitful synergy of human creativity and advanced technology. The complex series of creative acts, leading to the materialization of the artifacts, is revealed in the drawings accompanying the exhibition. These acts form multi-faceted design workflows, constantly fluctuating between artistic, fuzzy, instinctive undertakings, and highly rational, algorithmic and mathematical operations.


Malgorzata Zboinska

Chalmers, Architecture, Architectural theory and methods

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