Virtual verification of automotive steering systems
Conference contribution, 2017

The vehicle industry is in a transformation where software and electronics are revolutionizing the way we engineer the cars of the future. This is particularly true for steering systems, which have developed from passive mechanical systems to now enabling advanced driver support systems and the evolution toward fully autonomous driving. With this ever increasing complexity, relying only on physical testing is no longer practical due to slow feedback loops from testing back to development and the lack of repeatability. The question addressed in this paper is how computational methods can help to increase test coverage, shorten development cycles and enable continuous integration of software for steering systems. In particular the development, validation and application of methods to virtually release steering systems for passenger vehicles is presented.


Matthijs Klomp

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Marcus Ljungberg

Ramadan Salif

Michael Attinger

Holger Bleicher

Steven Hoesli

Tim Kratzer

8th International Munich Chassis Symposium 2017

2198-7432 (ISSN)


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Vehicle Engineering





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