Optimal energy management and velocity control of hybrid electric vehicles
Journal article, 2018

An assessment study of a novel approach is presented that combines discrete state-space Dynamic Programming and Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for online optimal control of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). In addition to electric energy storage, engine state and gear, kinetic energy, and travel time are considered states in this paper. After presenting the corresponding model using a parallel HEV as an example, a benchmark method with Dynamic Programming is introduced which is used to show the solution quality of the novel approach. It is illustrated that the proposed method yields a close-to-optimal solution by solving the optimal control problem over one hundred thousand times faster than the benchmark method. Finally, a potential online usage is assessed by comparing solution quality and calculation time with regard to the quantization of the state space.

optimal control

hybrid vehicles

energy management

dynamic programming

velocity control

Pontryagin’s maximum principle


Stephan Uebel

Technische Universität Dresden

Nikolce Murgovski

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Systems and control

Conny Tempelhahn

Technische Universität Dresden

Bernard Bäker

Technische Universität Dresden

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

0018-9545 (ISSN) 1939-9359 (eISSN)

Vol. 67 1 327 - 337 7982669

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Energy Engineering

Computational Mathematics

Control Engineering



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