e-VLBI data transfer from Onsala and Metsähovi to the Bonn correlator
Conference contribution, 2007


data transfer


Rüdiger Haas

Chalmers, Department of Radio and Space Science, Space Geodesy and Geodynamics

Jan Wager

Ari Mujunen

Jouko Ritakari

Arno Müskens

Christian Dulfer

Alessandra Bertarini

Proceedings of the 18th European VLBI for Geodesy and Astrometry Working Meeting, edited by J. Böhm, A. Pany, and H. Schuh, Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen, Schriftenreihe der Studienrichtung Vermessung und Geoinformation, Technische Universität Wien

1811-8380 (ISSN)

79 27-32

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