Assessing BIM performance in building management organisations
Paper in proceedings, 2017

This paper presents a literature review into issues related toBuilding Information Modelling(BIM) performance assessment in building management organisations and proposes an agenda for future research addressing how such an approach can be further developed. Performance in use of BIM can be described as a measure or description of how capable and mature a project team or organisation is in terms of developing, using, evaluating or receiving BIM products or services. Although BIM is awell-known and established methodology in building design and construction organisations, when procuring and executing projects, the building management side, encompassingbuilding operations and maintenance, usually lags behind. Adoption of BIM in building management has become a challenge addressed in discussions on what the next step for BIM uptake will be. By adapting and using solutions that, to an extent, have already been developed for other stages in the construction delivery process, BIM can contribute to benefits for the operations/management phase of buildings. In order to prove efficiency and applicability of BIM as a methodology in building management operations, approaches to assess actual performancearenecessary. Thispaper describes development of a possible approach of assessing BIM performance through self-assessment. It is identified that pre-requisites in the form of default performance indicators, referred to as BIM Performance Indicators (BPI) have to be established for such methodology to be possible. In order to distinguish these BPIs, new data through input from practitioners has to be gathered. This paper suggests that a case study aiming to gather data from practitioners for this development is a suitable vehicle for identifying these indicators underpinning assessment of BIM performance specific to organisations within the building management sector. The paper concludes thatappropriate dimensions in which significance for BIM use in building management organisationsshould be sought in a case study are (1) Technology, (2) Knowledge, (3) Communication, (4) Processes and (5) Organisational culture and motivation.



BIM performance indicators

building management

BIM performance

BIM maturity


Daniel W. Mansson

Curtin University

Keith D. Hampson

Curtin University

Göran Lindahl

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Construction Management



9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization
Göteborg, Sweden,

Subject Categories

Construction Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Analysis and Construction Information Technology

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