In-line rheological and microstroctural characterization of high moisture content protein vegetable mixtures in single screw extrusion
Journal article, 2019

To increase the utilization of side-streams from the food industry more investigation of multiple protein systems could be beneficial, complementary to the available extensive studies on single sourced protein isolates. Here, high moisture content protein-rich side streams were investigated in single screw extrusion. Vegetable protein mixtures comprising of potato protein, oat protein and wheat bran were considered. Potato starch and potato fibers were used as structuring agents. Microstructurally, all compositions were dominated by protein aggregates. The structural agents enhanced the interconnected starch phase and/or additionally introduced fiber aggregates, with little apparent influence on the protein aggregates size and distribution. The moisture content was found to exert a dominant influence on the shear viscosity of the compositions. In addition, a saturation behavior of the power law parameters over 45% moisture content was apparent in the presence of the structural agents. A better knowledge of industrial side-streams processability could increase their use in novel food products and exploited to create products with improved nutritional profiles.


Yogesh Thadavathi Lakshmi Narasimman

Polymeric Materials and Composites

Sophia Wassén

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Roland Kádár

Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Engineering Materials

Journal of Food Engineering

0260-8774 (ISSN)

Vol. 245 112-123

Nya vegetabiliska livsmedel med högt proteinvärde (ProVeg)

VINNOVA (2014-00792), 2014-05-15 -- 2016-08-25.

VINNOVA (2013-00902), 2013-05-01 -- 2014-01-30.

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