Intracrystalline Transport Barriers Affecting the Self-Diffusion of CH4 in Zeolites |Na12|-A and |Na12–xKx|-A
Journal article, 2019

Carbon dioxide must be removed from biogas or natural gas to obtain compressed or liquefied methane, and adsorption-driven isolation of CO2 could be improved by developing new adsorbents. Zeolite adsorbents can select CO2 over CH4, and the adsorption of CH4 on zeolite |Na12-xKx|-A is significantly lower for samples with a high K+ content, i.e., x > 2. Nevertheless, we show, using 1H NMR experiments, that these zeolites adsorb CH4 after long equilibration times. Pulsed-field gradient NMR experiments indicated that in large crystals of zeolites |Na12-xKx|-A, the long-time diffusion coefficients of CH4 did not vary with x, and the upper limit of the mean-square displacement was about 1.5 μm, irrespective of the diffusion time. Also for zeolite |Na12|-A samples of three different particle sizes (∼0.44, ∼2.9, and ∼10.6 μm), the upper limit of the mean-square displacement of CH4 was 1.5 μm and largely independent of the diffusion time. This similarity provided further evidence for an intracrystalline diffusion restriction for CH4 within the medium- and large-sized zeolite A crystals and possibly of clustering and close contact among the small zeolite A crystals. The upper limit of the long-time diffusion coefficient of adsorbed CH4 was (at 1 atm and 298 K) about 10-10 m2/s irrespective of the size of the zeolite particle or the studied content of K+ in zeolites |Na12-xKx|-A and |Na12|-A. The T1 relaxation time for adsorbed CH4 on zeolites |Na12-xKx|-A with x > 2 was smaller than for those with x < 2, indicating that the short-time diffusion of CH4 was hindered.


Niklas Hedin

Stockholm University

Przemyslaw Rzepka

Stockholm University

Alma Berenice Jasso-Salcedo

Stockholm University

Tamara L. Church

Stockholm University

Diana Bernin

Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Design

University of Gothenburg


07437463 (ISSN) 15205827 (eISSN)

Vol. 35 40 12971-12978

Subject Categories

Analytical Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Other Chemical Engineering





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