Untwisting twisted spectral triples
Journal article, 2019

We examine the index data associated to twisted spectral triples and higher order spectral triples. In particular, we show that a Lipschitz regular twisted spectral triple can always be "logarithmically dampened" through functional calculus, to obtain an ordinary (i.e. untwisted) spectral triple. The same procedure turns higher order spectral triples into spectral triples. We provide examples of highly regular twisted spectral triples with nontrivial index data for which Moscovici's ansatz for a twisted local index formula is identically zero.

local index theory

noncommutative geometry

K K-Theory

Twisted spectral triples


Magnus C H T Goffeng

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Analysis and Probability Theory

Bram Mesland

Leiden University

Adam Rennie

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences

University of Wollongong

International Journal of Mathematics

0129-167X (ISSN)

Vol. 2019 14 1950076

Subject Categories

Algebra and Logic

Information Studies

Mathematical Analysis



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