An Introduction to Finite Element Method for Differential Equations
Book, 2020

This text introduces the Galerkin finite element method for approximate solution of differential equations. It starts with a modern theoretical approach to the well-posedness issue, physical derivations of the equation as well as mathematical tools. Both initial- and boundary value problems are treated in single- and multi-dimensions and stability, and convergence are discussed and proved in details. The converhence analysis are in "a priori" (theoretical) as well as "a posteriori" (computational) settings. There are MATLAB-codes to test different application examples. The text is desigen to be accesible for upper undergraduates and graduate students in applied science and engineeering disciplines.

A priori error estimates,

Galerkin Finite element method,


Differential equations,

A posteriori error estimates,



Mohammad Asadzadeh

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Subject Categories

Computational Mathematics

Other Mathematics

Mathematical Analysis




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