Large-scale robotic 3D printing using biobased composites - Work Package report
Report, 2020

This report summarizes the developments of Work Package 3 - Information Systems, in an innovation project WouldWood 2 on large-scale robotic 3D printing using biobased composites, funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova (2018-2020). Work Package 3 focused on developing frameworks supporting the process from designing to additively manufacturing large-scale elements from cellulose-based material composites. The Information Systems in focus concerned diverse types of information exchanges between various product development stages (design, simulation, fabrication, assembly, use, disassembly, reuse/recycling) and various actors (e.g. architecture - automotive design exchanges, designer - fabricator exchanges). The results of the Information Systems Work Package embrace information frameworks, digital workflows, data exchange routines and suggested software toolkits that aid the transition from a digital design model to a large physical object that is robotically 3D printed. The theoretical frameworks, workflows and toolsets developed in Work Package 3 supported, among others, the testing of a custom 3D print nozzle and in demonstrator production carried out by the other work packages of the project.

biobased composites

robotic fabrication


additive manufacturing

digital design

information systems


Malgorzata Zboinska

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural theory and methods

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