Verification of the Maximum Stresses in Enhanced Welded Details via High-Frequency Mechanical Impact in Road Bridges
Journal article, 2023

High-frequency mechanical impact (HFMI) is an efficient post-weld treatment technique that enhances fatigue strength in metallic welded structures. Steel or steel-concrete composite road bridges, where the fatigue limit state often governs the design, compose one category of structures that can benefit from the application of this technology. To assert an improvement in fatigue strength using HFMI, the induced compressive residual stresses must be stable. Therefore, the maximum service stresses that can be allowed on HFMI-treated joints should be controlled to avoid the relaxation of the induced beneficial compressive stresses by HFMI treatment. Using statistical analysis of recorded traffic, this paper compares the measured maximum traffic loads to those generated by a load model. More than 870,000 and 470,000 recorded vehicles from traffic measurements in Sweden and the Netherlands are used in this analysis. To capture the characteristic bending moment, the daily maxima of the resulting measured load effect are combined with the extreme value distribution of the bending moment. In addition, it is found that the characteristic load combination is the best-studied option to assess the maximum stress in HFMI-treated weldments in road bridges.

road bridges

Peak over threshold

design for reuse

Gumbel distribution

weight in motion

HFMI treatment



Hassan al-Karawi

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

John Leander

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Mohammad al-Emrani

Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering


20755309 (eISSN)

Vol. 13 2 364

Rekomendationer för HFMI-behandling av stålbroar - utveckling av dimensioneringsmetoder och tekniska kravspecifikationer

Swedish Transport Administration (TRV 2020-68167), 2020-07-01 -- 2022-06-30.


VINNOVA (2021-01045), 2021-05-31 -- 2024-05-30.

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Civil Engineering



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