Hassan al-Karawi

Doctoral Student at Structural Engineering

Hassan is a doctoral student at the division of structural engineering, in the research group lightweight structures. Hassan’s main research interest is fatigue of welded steel structures and maintenance methods.

Many bridges in the world have reached, or exceeded, their design fatigue life. It is a challenge for society to wisely manage this huge asset of old bridges. Replacing bridges because their theoretical life span is reached is not a sustainable solution, neither from societal nor economical point of view.

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Fatigue life extension of existing welded structures via high frequency mechanical impact (HFMI) treatment

Hassan al-Karawi, Mohammad al-Emrani, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz von Bock und Polach
Engineering Structures. Vol. 239, p. 112234-
Journal article

The efficiency of HFMI treatment and TIG remelting for extending the fatigue life of existing welded structures

Hassan al-Karawi, Mohammad al-Emrani
Steel Construction. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Crack detection via strain measurements in fatigue testing

Hassan al-Karawi, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz von Bock und Polach, Mohammad al-Emrani
Strain. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Assessment of in-service stresses in steel bridges for high-frequency mechanical impact applications

Poja Shams Hakimi, Fredrik Carlsson, Mohammad al-Emrani et al
Engineering Structures. Vol. 241
Journal article

Fatigue crack repair in welded structures via tungsten inert gas remelting and high frequency mechanical impact

Hassan al-Karawi, R. U.Franz von Bock und Polach, Mohammad al-Emrani
Journal of Constructional Steel Research. Vol. 172
Journal article

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LifeExt - Livslängdsförlängning för befintliga stålbroar

Mohammad Al-Emrani Structural Engineering
Asma Manai Structural Engineering
Hassan al-Karawi Structural Engineering
Swedish Transport Administration

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