A novel photoluminescence transition influenced by O implantation in ZnO bulk
Journal article, 2006

The bulk zinc oxide (ZnO) sample implanted O with implantation concentration of 5 × 1019/cm3 was investigated by photoluminescence. A novel transition at emission energy of 3.08 eV at 77 K appears in the O-implanted sample. In order to find the origin of the novel transition, the O-implanted effects on the luminescence of ZnO bulk have been studied by first principle calculations based on the local density approximation. The theoretical results show that the novel transition at emission energy of 3.08 eV is attributed to O-antisite (Ozn) produced by O-implanted procedure.


Hongmei Zhong

Xiaoshuang Chen

L. Z. Sun

W. Lu

Qing Xiang Zhao

University of Gothenburg

Magnus Willander

University of Gothenburg

Chemical Physics Letters

0009-2614 (ISSN)

Vol. 421 1-3 309-311

Subject Categories

Physical Sciences



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