News on C-12 from beta-decay studies
Journal article, 2004

We discuss the importance of the spectroscopic properties of the resonances of C-12 just above the 3alpha-threshold, and review the existing experimental information of this region with emphasis on 0(+) and 2(+) states. A new experimental approach for studying the beta-decays of B-12 and N-12 is presented based on techniques developed in the context of Radioactive beam (rare isotope) physics. Finally preliminary results from an ongoing analysis of two recent experiments are given.





H. O. U. Fynbo

C. A. Diget

Y. Prezado

J. Aysto

U. C. Bergmann

J. Cederkall

P. Dendooven

L. M. Fraile

S. Franchoo

B. R. Fulton

W. Huang

J. Huikari

H. B. Jeppesen

A. Jokinen

B. Jonson

P. Jones

U. Koster

Mikael Meister

T. Nilsson

M. J. G. Borge

K. Riisager

S. Rinta-Antila

I. S. Vogelius

O. Tengblad

M. Turrion

Y. Wang

L. Weissman

K. Wilhelmsen

Nuclear Physics A

Vol. 738 59-65

Subject Categories

Physical Chemistry



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