Linear Time Varying Model Predictive Control Approach to the Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control Problem in Autonomous Systems
Paper in proceeding, 2007

A Model Predictive Control (MPC) approach for controlling active front steering, active braking and active differentials in an autonomous vehicle is presented. We formulate a predictive control problem in order to best follow a given path by controlling the front steering angle, brakes and traction at the four wheels independently, while fulfilling various physical and design constraints. At each time step a trajectory is assumed to be known over a finite horizon, and an MPC controller computes the system inputs in order to best follow the desired trajectory on slippery roads at a given entry speed. We start from the results presented in [1], [2] and formulate the MPC problem based on successive on-line linearization of the nonlinear vehicle model (LTV MPC). Simulative results are presented, interpreted and compared against LTV MPC schemes which make use only of steering and/or braking.


Paolo Falcone

Chalmers, Signals and Systems, Systems and control

Emanuela Tufo

Francesco Borrelli

Jahan Asgari

H. Eric Tseng

46th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, New Orleans, LA, USA, December 2007

Subject Categories

Control Engineering



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