Performance of a Heavy Duty DME Engine – the Influence of Methanol and Water in the Fuel
Paper in proceedings, 2008

In the study reported here the combustion and emission characteristics of a heavy duty six-cylinder diesel engine fuelled with dimethyl ether (DME) of chemical grade and DME with small and varying amounts of methanol and/or water were experimentally investigated. In addition, the size distribution of emitted particles and selected unregulated emissions were sampled. Methanol and water additions had a very limited effect on emissions, but affected the combustion processes in a way that accentuated the premixed combustion and thus caused more energy to be released early in the cycle. At high load, however, the effect was reversed, due to the lack of distinct premixed combustion. The results confirm that DME combustion does not generate any accumulation mode particles. The particles that are detected are smaller than the soot size range and do not occur in greater numbers than those from a diesel engine in the corresponding size range.


Particulate Matter

Alternative fuel

Unregulated Emissions


Dimethyl ether


Henrik Salsing

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Combustion

Ingemar Denbratt

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Combustion

2008 World Congress, Detroit, Michigan April 14-17, 2008

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Energy Engineering

Other Materials Engineering

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics



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