Young Diabetics' User Requirements of Insulin Pump
Other conference contribution, 2005

Diabetics who need insulin are best treated with insulin pumps. However, many young diabetics choose not to use pumps. This study was based on a survey with young diabetics (13-29 years), with the objective to elicit user requirements from users and non-users of insulin pumps. The result showed that difficulties with wearing the pump in daily life were the main reason for not using it. The users prefer a small, easy handled pump, which is comfortable to wear, especially during physical activities and with tight cloths. If insulin pumps are designed with focus on attracting young non- users, the existing users will also gain benefits

Insulin pumps

questionnaire survey


young diabetics


Lars-Ola Bligård

Chalmers, Product and Production Development, Design

Anna-Lisa Osvalder

Chalmers, Product and Production Development, Design

Nordic Ergonomics Society 37th Annual Conference

82-995747-1-4 (ISBN)

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Mechanical Engineering



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