Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture (ROLINCAP)
Forskningsprojekt , 2016 – 2019

ROLINCAP will search, identify and test novel phase-change solvents, including aqueous and non-aqueous options, as well as phase-change packed bed and Rotating Packed Bed processes for post-combustion CO2 capture. These are high-potential technologies, still in their infancy, with initial evidence pointing to regeneration energy requirements below 2.0 GJ/ton CO2 and considerable reduction of the equipment size, several times compared to conventional processes. These goals will be approached through a holistic decision making framework consisting of methods for modeling and design that have the potential for real breakthroughs in CO2 capture research. The tools proposed in ROLINCAP will cover a vast space of solvent and process options going far beyond the capabilities of existing simulators. ROLINCAP follows a radically new path by proposing one predictive modelling framework, in the form of the SAFT-γ equation of state, for both physical and chemical equilibrium, for a wide range of phase behaviours and of molecular structures. The envisaged thermodynamic model will be used in optimization-based Computer-aided Molecular Design of phase-change solvents in order to identify options beyond the very few previously identified phase-change solvents. Advanced process design approaches will be used for the development of highly intensified Rotating Packed Bed processes. Phase-change solvents will be considered with respect to their economic and operability RPB process characteristics. The sustainability of both the new solvents and the packed-bed and RPB processes will be investigated considering holistic Life Cycle Assessment analysis and Safety Health and Environmental Hazard assessment. Selected phase-change solvents, new RPB column concepts and packing materials will be tested at TRL 4 and 5 pilot plants. Software in the form of a new SAFT-γ equation of state will be tested at TRL 5 in the gPROMS process simulator.


Stavros Papadokonstantakis (kontakt)

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Energiteknik

Gulnara Shavalieva

Chalmers, Rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, Energiteknik



Thessaloniki, Greece


Göteborg, Sweden


Aten, Greece

Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (EKETA)

Thessaloniki, Greece

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Gwangju, South Korea

Imperial College London

London, United Kingdom

Julius MONTZ GmbH

Hilden, Germany

Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KITECH)

Yangdaegiro-gil, South Korea

Newcastle University

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Process Systems Enterprise

London, United Kingdom

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, United Kingdom


Europeiska kommissionen (EU)

Projekt-id: EC/H2020/727503
Finansierar Chalmers deltagande under 2016–2019

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