Ringhals diagnostik och övervakning
Forskningsprojekt, 1995 – 2023

This collaborative project between Ringhals and Chalmers (at present the Nuclear Engineering Group within the Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics Division; formely, the Department of Nuclear Engineering, and initially the Department of Reactor Physics) has been running since 1995. The long term goal of the project is to utilize and develop further the research potential and competence of Chalmers in noise diagnostics, reactor physics and signal analysis for core- and reactor diagnostics in treating reactor physics problems related to the operation of the power plant. This is achieved in a co-operative research project, in the course of which the understanding of relevant problems increases at the department as well as methods are elaborated and implemented for their solution.The practical way of achieving this is to solve various operational problems in case of abnormal measurement data or signals, via determination of various parametres in a simpler/more precise/faster way than with traditional methods, to detect and identify possible disturbances at an early stage, among others.

The project has been very beneficial for the research at Chalmers, through being in contact with the practical problems that can arise during reactor operation. In addition this applied research has benefitted also the education. The co-operation has resulted in many MSc and PhD projects and theses, many of which received acknowledgements and prizes both in Sweden and abroad.


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Ringhals AB

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