Accurate robot and workcell simulation based on 3D laser scanning
Paper i proceeding, 2002

ABSTRACT Modern production development methods are increasingly founded on computer-based tools with virtual models describing the existing or planned production process. This Virtual Manufacturing approach, with sophisticated simulation tools for 3D workcell layout and off-line robot programming, results in reduced time to market, lower production costs, and superior end products. The introduction of tools with virtual models of the present production process has contributed significantly to reduce the possibility of making costly mistakes. The need for confirmation between the real world and the virtual world is obviously critical. Quality of the workcell 3D layouts is one of the more difficult data to verify and update. Single objects like robotbases and fixtures can be adequately measured with theodolite instruments, but shape and position of all workcell peripheral objects are incorrectly assumed to be according to original layouts. This results in position errors in the virtual cell and time consuming corrections on the shop floor before production can start. Our work has been focused on evaluating the possibilities to use novel technology in 3D laser scanning and modelling in the process of making true as built models of workcell and objects, for 3D virtual robot and cell simulation. Several major projects in the automotive industry will be described in this paper. The focus of the projects has been to map both old, nearly 3D-undocumented factories, as well as verify and adjust newly built well-documented production lines. On site methods for calibration and scanning have been developed and resulting models have been imported to existing advanced 3D software tools for updating existing workcell models. This paper describes results of fast on site work, where complete bodyshops have been 3D-scanned in a single week, and complex robotcells have been verified and adjusted in an area of 3000 m2 , with an accuracy of a few millimetres.

Laser scanning

3D modelling

as built model

workcell layout

workcell verification


Rolf Berlin

Chalmers, Produkt- och produktionsutveckling

Proceedings of the 33rd ISR (International Symposium on Robotics)


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