Partition chromatography and mass spectrometry of tetrulose and pentuloses
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 1972

Partition chromatography on ion exchange resins in aqueous ethanol is an excellent tool for the separation of tetrulose and pentuloses for both analytical and preparative purposes. The analysis of complex mixtures is facilitated by the fact that the ketoses are recorded by both the orcinol and periodate-formaldehyde methods whereas under proper conditions aldoses are only recorded in the orcinol channel. In gas chromatography the trimethylsilylated 3-pentuloses gave rise to only one prominent peak which as revealed by mass spectrometry corresponded to the keto form. Tetrulose and the 2-pentuloses gave two or more peaks. The 1,2-enediol derivative obtained from tetrulose was identical with that recorded for threose.


trimethylsilyl derivatives

short-chain sugars



Jaroslav Havlicek

Institutionen för teknisk kemi

Göran Petersson

Institutionen för teknisk kemi

Olof Samuelson

Institutionen för teknisk kemi

Acta Chemica Scandinavica

Vol. 26 2205-2215


Analytisk kemi

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