Framing the claim
Kapitel i bok, 2010

There is a growing recognition that effective communication around a scientific issue, a new technology, and around disruptive ideas require initiatives that sponsor dialogue, trust, relationships, and public participation across a diversity of social settings and media platforms. In 2001 this was not present. There was not even a common plan within the stem cell community. No learning’s from the Gene Modified Crops debates a few years earlier was considered. From the companies involved, neither the perspective nor the potentials for framing was not at all present, partly due to the discussion on in vitro fertilisation taken place 15 years earlier or the understanding that a accepted word, embryonic, could be understood in the wrong way. The communication did not take place between researchers and policymakers nor toward the general public. There were some references to the ongoing debate but that was all.


Boo Edgar

Göteborgs universitet

Sustainable Business Development



Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap

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