An Axiomatic Approach to Integrated Product and Process Development
Doktorsavhandling, 1996

This thesis is a contribution to the area of integrated design and manufacturing. From literature, practical observations, and an analysis of what challenges the industry is faced with, a need is identified for new methods and procedures. The aim is to develop an integrated methodolody, generally applicable to simultaneous design of products and their production system and processes. The research approach is that this should be done by integrating engineering tools with a structured and logical design methodology, the axiomatic design theory, to be used in a simultaneous engineering environment. The work is mainly directed towards assembly issues. Some limitations of the axiomatic design theory, when designing multiple-part products and matching production systems and processes, have been found. The conclusion is that the original axiomatic method is best used for design and manufacturing of parts only. Therefore, some modifications of the axiomatic design theory are suggested. An expansion of the original axiomatic design model has been proposed through the introduction of a so-called Manufacturing World with five different spaces. In these spaces, various processes and support functions can be developed in agreement with the axiomatic principles. The spaces and their relationships have been defined along with explanations of work procedures. Ways for helping the designer in making assembly considerations early in the product development process are also included by implementing guidelines and rules as functional requirements and constraints for use in the axiomatic design theory. The functionality of the methodology is validated in industrial examples. The expanded axiomatic design model, together with supportive tools, makes it possible to develop both the product and its production system and processes using the same methodology. Pertinent relations between the product and its production processes can be identified. Procedures for synthesis and analysis follow principles that facilitate integration and mutual understanding between designers and production engineers.

axiomatic design

product development

simultaneous engineering

design for assembly

process planning

design metods

manufacturing systems


Johan Vallhagen

Institutionen för produktionsteknik





Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola. Ny serie: 1183

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