“Live at Epidemin”– a cinematic investigation of architectonic space and artistic practice within a public institution of contemporary art
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2005

This investigative research at its very beginning aims to develop deeper and wider understanding of, from an architectural point of view, the fuzzy relations between architectonic space, exhibitions and exhibited art. The first part is about my subject: “the spatial practices within the architectures of contemporary art” and dictates a background pointing out current spatial tendencies within the field. I will discuss different modes of utilizing architectonic space within the institutions, with focus on the appropriation of given spaces and the performance of process- and new mediaoriented art. In part two, I will introduce a set of borrowed questions/concepts, which I hope will serve me as tools during the investigation. The third part will contain arguments for my choice of film as my investigative medium and eventually present a film-project in progress. In this part I will also discuss in cinematic media as a research tool.

artisitic practice

Architectonic space

practice-based research


Henric Benesch

Göteborgs universitet

In the making, 29 – 31 may 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark



Social och ekonomisk geografi

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