New structure information on Mg-30, Mg-31 and Mg-32
Paper i proceeding, 2005

The fast timing beta gamma gamma(t) method was applied to investigate the level lifetimes in Mg-30,Mg-31,Mg-32. Levels in Mg have been populated in beta and beta-delayed neutron emission of Na, at the ISOLDE facility. From the gamma gamma coincidences a number of new states have been identified and new level schemes were constructed for 30 31,32 Mg. The following preliminary half lives have been determined: T-1/2 = 3.9(4) ns for the 1789 keV state in Mg-30, T-1/2 = 133(8) ps and 10.5(8) us for the 221 keV and 461 keV states in Mg-31, respectively, and T1/2 = 16(4) ps for the 885 keV level in 32Mg. The 1789 keV level was established as a candidate for the intruder 0(+) configuration in Mg-30 with a possible strong E0 branch to the ground state.


H. Mach

L. M. Fraile

O. Tengblad

R. Boutami

C. Jollet

W. A. Plociennik

D. T. Yordanov

M. Stanoiu

M. J. G. Borge

P. A. Butler

J. Cederkall

P. Dessagne

B. Fogelberg

H. Fynbo

P. Hoff

A. Jokinen

A. Korgul

U. Koster

W. Kurcewicz

F. Marechal

T. Motobayashi

J. Mrazek

G. Neyens

S. Pedersen

A. Poves

B. Rubio

E. Ruchowska

European Physical Journal A

1434-6001 (ISSN) 1434-601X (eISSN)

Vol. 25 105-109


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