Liquid crystal device and method its fabrication
Patent, 2004

The invention relates to a liq. crystal device comprising a liq. crystal bulk layer and a surface-director alignment layer comprising side-chains arranged to interact with the bulk layer, wherein the orientation of the bulk layer mols. and the orientation of said side-chains each is directly controllable by an elec. field via dielec. coupling, thus resulting in a decreased total time period (rise and decay times) needed to switch and relax the liq. crystal bulk mols. in response to an applied external field. The invention also relates to a method for manufg. a liq. crystal device and a method of controlling a liq. crystal bulk layer. [on SciFinder (R)] Notes: Can 142:82519 74-13 FIELD Section Title:Radiation Chemistry, Photochemistry, and Photographic and Other Reprographic Processes Field url: Ae, ag, al, am, at, au, az, ba, bb, bg, br, bw, by, bz, ca, ch, cn, co, cr, cu, cz, de, dk, dm, dz, ec, ee, eg, es, fi, gb, gd, ge, gh, gm, hr, hu, id, il, in, is, jp, ke, kg, kp, kr, kz, lc, lk, lr, ls, lt, lu, lv, ma, md, mg, mk, mn, mw, mx, mz, na, ni, no, nz, om, pg, ph, pl, pt, ro, ru, sc, sd, se, sg, sk, sl, sy, tj, tm, tn, tr, tt, tz, ua, ug, us, uz, vc, vn, yu, za, zm, zw. At, be, ch, cy, de, dk, es, fi, fr, gb, gr, ie, it, lu, mc, nl, pt, se, tr, bf, bj, cf, cg, ci, cm, ga, ml, mr, ne, sn, td, tg. G02f001-1337. C09k019-02. Application: WO 20040607. 2004-se880 Se 2003-1810 20030623 FIELD Citations:Mazaki, H; US 5578243 A 1996|Sharp Kk; GB 2326245 A 1998|Sharp Laboratories Of Europe Ltd; WO 0123953 A1 2001|Merck Patent Gmbh; EP 1310541 A2 2003 Secondary title: PCT Int. Appl.

switching liq crystal device surface director alignment control photodirector


Lachezar Komitov

Bertil Helgee

Chalmers, Institutionen för material- och ytkemi, Polymerteknologi

Johan Felix

(Ecsibeo AB, Swed.).




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