Utilizing hprints.org as a subject based research infrastructure
Artikel i övrig tidskrift, 2010

Research by Nordic scholars within the arts and humanities is among the best in the world and it may thus seem counter intuitive, that these areas are facing severe problems related to quantifying the quality of their research (especially in relation to local research assessment exercises, cf. Faurbæk 2007). However, we believe that these problems are largely a result of the visibility deficit of research, e.g. as a consequence of the poor representation of these subjects in international literature databases and Open Access archives. [Adapted from introduction]


Scholarly communication


Søren Bertil Fabricius Dorch

Ingegerd Rabow

Marjatta Sikström

Simone Schipp von Branitz Nielsen

Jonas Gilbert

Göteborgs universitet

Mia Nyman

Thea Marie Drachen

ScieCom Info

Vol. 6 2


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