Orgasm-Associated Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Life after Radical Prostatectomy.
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2011

Introduction.  Involuntary release of urine during sexual climax, orgasm-associated urinary incontinence, occurs frequently after radical prostatectomy. We know little about its prevalence and its effect on sexual satisfaction. Aim.  To determine the prevalence of orgasm-associated incontinence after radical prostatectomy and its effect on sexual satisfaction. Methods.  Consecutive series, follow-up at one point in calendar time of men having undergone radical prostatectomy (open surgery or robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery) at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, 2002-2006. Of the 1,411 eligible men, 1,288 (91%) men completed a study-specific questionnaire. Main Outcome Measure.  Prevalence rate of orgasm-associated incontinence. Results.  Of the 1,288 men providing information, 691 were sexually active. Altogether, 268 men reported orgasm-associated urinary incontinence, of whom 230 (86%) were otherwise continent. When comparing them with the 422 not reporting the symptom but being sexually active, we found a prevalence ratio (with 95% confidence interval) of 1.5 (1.2-1.8) for not being able to satisfy the partner, 2.1 (1.1-3.5) for avoiding sexual activity because of fear of failing, 1.5 (1.1-2.1) for low orgasmic satisfaction, and 1.4 (1.2-1.7) for having sexual intercourse infrequently. Prevalence ratios increase in prostate-cancer survivors with a higher frequency of orgasm-associated urinary incontinence. Conclusion.  We found orgasm-associated urinary incontinence to occur among a fifth of prostate cancer survivors having undergone radical prostatectomy, most of whom are continent when not engaged in sexual activity. The symptom was associated with several aspects of sexual life. Nilsson AE, Carlsson S, Johansson E, Jonsson MN, Adding C, Nyberg T, Steineck G, and Wiklund NP. Orgasm-associated urinary incontinence and sexual life after radical prostatectomy. J Sex Med **;**:**-**.


Andreas E Nilsson


Ewa Johansson

Göteborgs universitet

Martin N Jonsson

Christofer Adding

Tommy Nyberg

Gunnar Steineck

Göteborgs universitet

N Peter Wiklund

Journal of Sexual Medicine

1743-6095 (ISSN) 1743-6109 (eISSN)


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