System Aspects of Black Liquor Gasification
Rapport, 2008

The Swedish Energy Agency has financed technical research regarding black liquor gasification within the programme Black Liquor Gasification (BLG programme). The agency has also identified a need for systems related studies within this field. In the years 2005-2006, the project “System Aspects on Black Liquor Gasification” was carried out at Chalmers Institute of Technology. The project included a literature review of completed projects directed to this aim, which had been carried out during the decade 1996-2005. The final report of the project was considered to be of interest for a wider audience and therefore the Swedish Energy Agency has decided to publish it in its report series. Black liquor gasification is a technology which for several reasons has been of interest for a long time. The possibility to replace the furnace of kraft pulp mills with a more secure technology (avoiding explosion risk) and also to increase the potential to produce electricity at the mill have been important driving forces. In later years the option to produce renewable motor fuels from the gas has aroused significant interest. The report is written in English and is intended for decision makers, governmental agencies, researchers, consultants and other stakeholders, with an interest in this field. The principal author of the report is professor Thore Berntsson, Chalmers Institute of Technology.


Thore Berntsson

Industriella energisystem och tekniker





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