Process integration application in the pulp and paper industry
Övrigt konferensbidrag, 1999

The pulp- and paper industry is characterised by a good energy utilisation. However, the potential for further reduction of the energy demand in this type of industry is still very high especially considering the ongoing and planned process changes. In traditional process integration studies, where process equipment is accepted, the found potential for steam reduction is normally 5 to 10%. Using process integration in the strategic process planning, and allowing for process modifications, much larger savings are possible, up to 50%. This reduction of the steam demand is obtained with a total integration of the evaporator and the bleaching plants but results also in a loss of co-generation power due to both the reduced steam load and an increased use of medium pressure steam. The large amount of free excess heat from the process that must be cooled away, can be utilised in a district heating net.


Per-Åke Franck

Thore Berntsson

Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära

International Conference on Process Integration, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-10 March 1999

Vol. 1 52-



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