Politics vs Development in a Transboundary River Basin – The Case of the Mekong Basin
Kapitel i bok, 2012

This concluding chapter looks at the nexus of development and politics in a transboundary basin by bringing together the different contributions to the volume and their different approaches to this problematique. Together they help us unpack the perceived incompatibility between an integrative participatory approach and international dynamics relying on a sovereignty logic in a contested space. Four central themes are discussed, namely the limitation of institutions and agreements; the securitization and national prerogative in water management; the tendency of IWRM approaches to hide politics and allow business as usual; the politics of participation and the challenges to its implementation; and finally knowledge management as a key to make a difference – given that its inevitable politicization is taken into account. Taking a critical stand the chapter still emphasizes the possibility to alter politics, on condition of its recognition. The challenges and dilemmas should not be used as an argument for not continuing to work with the politics of water management.

Development studies - IWRM - Mekong - Transboundary water - Water governance


Joakim Öjendal

Göteborgs universitet

Stina Hansson

Göteborgs universitet

Sofie Hellberg

Göteborgs universitet

Politics and development in a transboundary watershed : the case of the Lower Mekong Basin

9789400704756 (ISBN)


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