Hybrid Cooperative Positioning based on Distributed Belief Propagation
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2011

We propose a novel cooperative positioning algorithm that fuses information from satellites and terrestrial wireless systems, suitable for GPS-challenged scenarios. The algorithm is fully distributed over an unstructured network, does not require a fusion center, does not rely on fixed terrestrial infrastructure, and is thus suitable for ad-hoc deployment. The proposed message passing algorithm, named hybrid sum-product algorithm over a wireless network (H-SPAWN), is described and analyzed. A novel parametric message representation is introduced, to reduce computational and communication overhead. Through simulation, we show that H-SPAWN improves positioning availability and accuracy, and outperforms hybrid positioning algorithms based on conventional estimation techniques.


belief propagation


distributed signal processing

cooperative positioning


M.A. Caceres

Politecnico di Torino

Federico Penna

Politecnico di Torino

Henk Wymeersch

Chalmers, Signaler och system, Kommunikationssystem, informationsteori och antenner, Kommunikationssystem

Roberto Garello

Politecnico di Torino

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications

0733-8716 (ISSN)

Vol. 29 10 1948-1958 6081348


Informations- och kommunikationsteknik