Proceedings - CFC Seminar Rome 30-31 May 1988
Rapport, 1988

Discussions within IEA Advanced Heat Pumps Executive Comittee on how to cope with the CFC issue started at least one and a half years ago. In a special working meeting in Paris, October 13th, it was decided that the following actions should tak place: - Distribute questionnaires to IEA countries - Prepare a report on answers from questionnaries - Arrange a seminar in ltea spring 1988 - Suggest to the Executive Committee international collaboration within the IEA in the form of new annexes (based on the result form the seminar) These actions were approved at the executive comittee meeting in Paris, Octber 16th 1987. It was also decided tha Sweden shoul tak the lead and be responsible for these actions. This report contains the proceedings of one of these activities, the IEA seminar, hel in Rome 30-31 May 1988. At the seminar a preliminary report on answers from questionaires in the IEA countries was also distributet. A final version of this schedulded to late autumn 1988. The table of contents for report is shown in Attachment 4. The program for the seminar is shown in Attachment 2 and the list of participant in Attachment 3.


Thore Berntsson

Institutionen för värmeteknik och maskinlära



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