The effect of stability on estimated variations of advected moisture in the Canyon Air Temperature (CAT) model
Paper i proceeding, 2010

CAT (Canyon Air Temperature) is a parametric model that predicts site-specific air temperature in an urban street canyon for extended periods on the basis of data from a reference station in the region. A method is described for incorporating spatial and temporal variations in advected moisture, allowing application of the model with no prior knowledge of moisture availability in the area. The revised model is tested against data from field experiments in Gothenburg and Adelaide, in all seasons and in a variety of atmospheric conditions. Moisture availability is determined by site surface cover only in super-stable conditions and in the absence of wind. In other weather conditions, the effect of stability on advection from more distant source areas is weak.


canyon model



Evyatar Erell

Ingegärd Eliasson

Göteborgs universitet

Sue Grimmond

Terry Williamson

Ninth Symposium on the Urban Environment



Geovetenskap och miljövetenskap

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