A Decoupled WLS Approach to DS-CDMA Multiuser Detection
Paper i proceeding, 1997

A new algorithm for multiuser detection in a DS-CDMA system is presented Based on an algorithm originally developed in the array-processing context, it minimizes a weighted least-squares criterion, and detects one signal at a time. A performance analysis in terms of bit-error rate is carried out, and demonstrates that the proposed method is asymptotically identical to the LMMSE-estimator but without assuming or requiring any knowledge of the signal amplitudes. Only the desired user's signature sequence and timing is required. Both a batch and a recursive formulation of the algorithm is described, and simulation results are included in addition to the analysis, to highlight the comparison to other methods.


Anders Ranheim

Institutionen för tillämpad elektronik, Signalbehandling

Per Pelin

Institutionen för tillämpad elektronik, Signalbehandling

Proc. 31st Asilomar Conference, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, NOV 02-05,

Vol. 1 525 - 529


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