Coherent and Strongly Discrete Rings in Type Theory
Paper i proceeding, 2012

We present a formalization of coherent and strongly discrete rings in type theory. This is a fundamental structure in constructive algebra that represents rings in which it is possible to solve linear systems of equations. These structures have been instantiated with Bézout domains (for instance Z and k[x]) and Prüfer domains (generalization of Dedekind domains) so that we get certified algorithms solving systems of equations that are applicable on these general structures. This work can be seen as basis for developing a formalized library of linear algebra over rings.

Formalization of mathematics


Constructive algebra



Anders Mörtberg

Göteborgs universitet

Thierry Coquand

Göteborgs universitet

Vincent Siles

Göteborgs universitet

CPP 2012, LNCS

Vol. 7679 273-288


Algebra och logik

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