CO2 capture at five industries at five industries in the Skagerrak area - Technical background report to: Carbon Capture and Storage in the Skagerrak/Kattegat region, Final report
Rapport, 2011

CO2 capture is an alternative to decrease CO2 emissions from industries. A large part of the cost for carbon capture is related to the heat supply to the capture plant. In this study four alternatives to supply the heat demand in the capture plant at five industries in the Skagerrak area are evaluated. These industries are Preem Göteborg, Preem Lysekil, Esso Slagentangen, Borealis Stenungsund and Yara Porsgrunn. The heat supply alternatives are; Natural Gas Combined Cycle, Natural Gas Boiler, Biomass Boiler and Excess heat from the process alone or in combination with a Heat Pump. The lowest specific capture costs are found when excess heat is utilized. In those plants where the available amount of excess heat is not large enough to cover the whole heat demand in the capture plant, via direct heat exchange, the lowest specific capture cost is found when a heat pump also is used. Specific capture costs of 45 to 60 €/ton can be reached in such systems. The specific avoidance costs are the same for these systems since no fossil fuel is used. Higher specific costs are found if the heat from the heat pump is not large enough to cover the heat demand in the capture plant and supplementary heat via a heat supply plant (e.g. a boiler) is needed.

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