Using TPACK for Analysing Teachers’ Task Design – Understanding Change in a 1:1-Laptop Setting
Paper i proceeding, 2012

This paper investigates one aspect from a longitudinal study concerning a 1:1-project in two secondary schools in Sweden. The paper has three aims; firstly, to investigate if the educational tasks in a 1:1-classroom are recontextualized to reflect the new conditions of the practice, secondly, to test the TPACK-framework as a potentially useful lens for analysing teachers’ work with task design and finally to offer guidelines for designing tasks in a 1:1 setting. The design of this study proved valuable for testing TPACK as a lens as well as exploring how teacher competencies have effect on educational activities within a 1:1 laptop setting. The paper also contributes to the practice field as it gives guidelines for task design in a 1:1 setting.


Martin Tallvid

Göteborgs universitet

Johan Lundin

Göteborgs universitet

Berner Lindström

Göteborgs universitet




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