ERGONOVA Workbook. Ergonomic Value Stream Mapping in health care
Bok, 2013

Preface to the present English edition: This edition has been translated and printed as part of the Nordic Multicenter Study "A Nordic work environment complement to Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for more sustainable patient flows at hospitals – A NOVO Multicenter study", funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The present prototype version of the Workbook is now evaluated at 14 hospital wards in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. We aim to deliver a revised Workbook for intervention processes towards increased sustainability of patient flows based on our specific Nordic opportunities with our strong tradition of agreement between the parties (cf. ‘the Nordic Model’). Jörgen Winkel Project leader of the Nordic Multicenter Study Caroline Jarebrant Project leader of the Swedish project

Lean Production


Production Ergonomics


Caroline Jarebrant

Göteborgs universitet

Kerstin Ulin

Göteborgs universitet

Jan Johansson Hanse

Göteborgs universitet

Ulrika Ny Harlin

Jörgen Winkel

Göteborgs universitet


Produktionsteknik, arbetsvetenskap och ergonomi


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