Anforderungen und Strategien für ein nachhaltiges Immobilienmanagement
Paper i proceeding, 2008

A sustainable development can be described as the search of society for today’s suitable arrangements, which enable a long-term justifiable balance between economical and social interests as well as ecological basic conditions. The building-industry is responsible for 40% of the global energy consumption and adds 1/3 to the anthropogenic CO2-emissions. Therefore it offers a large potential for optimisation. The increase in energy-prices during the past few years due to the growing demand enhanced the search for optimised use of energy in buildings. On the one hand one has to take in account the energy-efficiency and on the other hand the use of efficient materials as well as the automation of the building process. To judge the sustainability of a building one should consider its whole life cycle, i.e. to regard life-span, conversion, maintenance, deconstruction and energetic performance of the building, incl. the overall raw materials production.

resource efficiency

sustainable development

real estate management


Holger Wallbaum

Tagungsband/Proceedings Facility Management Messe und Kongress, 6.-8. Mai 2008, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

978-3-8007-3093-3 (ISBN)






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