Analyzing Logistic Requirements using a Systems Engineering Approach - an initial step towards innovative ship design
Licentiatavhandling, 2004

Transport by road is the most dominant mode of transportation in Europe today. An increased use of short sea shipping can balance the European transport system and contribute to a better environmental situation. Accordingly, The European Commission proposes a shift of transported volumes from road to rail and short sea shipping. One alternative that has been discussed is a greater focus on intermodal solutions. Intermodal transport chains involve several modes and a multitude of actors. The transport industry is fragmented and each transport mode has developed its own terminology and performance models. This is a difficulty when trying to analyze and improve the performance of intermodal transport chains. A development of a joint performance model is therefore necessary. The focus of this work has been method development. Although logistics is a discipline with an explicit systems approach, the methodology and tools from systems engineering has not been commonly adopted. This research has therefore applied systems engineering methods to logistics in order to clarify the requirement structure forming the base for the design of ships aimed for short sea shipping service. Knowledge about each segment of the chain is vital for meeting customers’ requirements and internal goals of productivity. Risk of sub-optimisation is managed by applying a systems approach; placing each activity in the context of the complete transport chain. One important aspect of the thesis is to describe the system so that all stakeholders can develop a common view on the issue. Appended to this thesis are two papers describing methods for analysis of performance in intermodal transport chains. In "Integrating Environmental Performance in a Logistic Approach to Short Sea Shipping – A Case Study" a comparison between five different transport concepts is made and in "A Systematic Method for Analysis of Performance in Intermodal Transportation" a theoretical method for performance analysis is put forward. The abductive methodology applied has proved to be an appropriate procedure for enhanced understanding of the problem, the system, and the system context. The case studies conducted have successfully connected the empirical world with general theoretical ideas, and thereby contributed to the method development.


ship design


logistic requirements

short sea shipping

intermodal transport chain

method development

systems engineering


performance parameters


Ingar Malmgren

Chalmers, Institutionen för marin teknik, Marin konstruktionsteknik


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Rapport - Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden: 0082



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