Application of Industrial Maintenance Methods on Building Maintenance
Paper i proceeding, 2011

Currently, the existing building stock is refurbished or replaced at a very low annual rate. Nevertheless due to its immense total value this slow replacement requires a considerable part of the GDP. It is important to ensure that this capital is invested in the best way with most profit for the society and future generations as well as for the investors. This presentation explores differences between maintenance of industrial facilities and maintenance of real estate. Industrial maintenance has developed different instruments to optimize the costs of maintenance while ensuring the required productivity or reliability. Building maintenance historically was more driven by external factors like profitability or the urban development in the surrounding area. Based on the assumption that maintenance of industrial facilities is more advanced, industrial maintenance methods have been classified and their application in real estate maintenance explored. The paper gives examples of these methods and explores if it is possible to adapt proven methods from industrial maintenance for building maintenance and looks at the potential to improve the sustainability of buildings by using industrial maintenance methods on buildings.

quality cycle

facility management


industrial maintenance methods


building maintenance


Marc Christen

Holger Wallbaum

6th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference, June 21-26, 2011, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

978-981-08-7920-4 (ISBN)





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