Investigation of a Wind Power Generator. Part 1
Rapport, 2005

The following work is Part 1 of a study regarding a technical investigation of the wind power system at Hönö (Hönö 3, generator Morley 27/48/1). The work has different goals: • To increase the theoretical knowledge about some important electromagnetic phenomena e.g. demagnetization, the airgap dependence, the harmonic properties of the coil current and the coil inductance • To evaluate possibilities of increasing the active power by increasing the coil current The work has been performed around an analysis of the PM-generator in question, where one of the important methods has been FEM-analysis. The following main parts are included in this paper: • General about the Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations • FEM-analysis applied on the generator • Simulation results based on FEM-analysis  Voltage – Current-simulations  Demagnetization current  Coil inductance  The stator coil wiring number  The airgap between rotor and stator • Fourier analysis regarding the flux linkage  General about discrete fourier transforming  Dft applied on the FEM result


Ingemar Mathiasson

Chalmers, Energi och miljö, Elkraftteknik


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