The Swedish car movement data project Final report.
Rapport, 2013

Summary The aim of this project has been to gather and analyze a larger amount of data on the characteristics and distribution of the movement patterns of individual, privately driven cars in Sweden by measurement with GPS equipment. Potential cars to be logged were recruited from a stratified random selection of cars from the Swedish motor-vehicle register. The GPS equipment was sent by mail to be installed by the owner/driver. Over 700 cars have installed the equipment for around two months each in 9 campaigns with up to around 100 logging units. The first measurement period started in June 2010 and the last ended in Sept 2012. The data (timestamp, position (horizontal and vertical) and velocity (speed and direction, and identity of used satellites) gathered with 2.5 Hz was transmitted via the mobile net to a intermediary server, for later transfer to a final storage together with road information in a source database, from which various basic data and statistics for the trips and cars have been extracted and stored, Fig S.1. The intended goal of the project has been to finally have high quality car movement data for at least one month for each of at least 500 representative cars. Fig S.1 Overview of the Swedish car movement data project. The project has resulted in a unique dataset on the detailed movements of representative vehicles from the current fleet of privately driven cars in Sweden. The database contains 714 cars with data, of which 528 cars have loggings exceeding 30 days and over 450 cars more than 50 days. The measurement project was initiated for the purpose of achieving appropriate data for various types of analyses connected to the electrification of cars. It is currently used extensively for such purposes. However, the databases freely available for all kinds of research devoted to vehicle movements, energy efficiency, and environmental performance as well as traffic safety and societal planning. Due to the privacy character of some of the data, the availability is further classified according to type. This revised final report presents the layout of the project, the performed measurements, experiences, and contrary to an earlier version results based on all the gathered data. This report is available at the project homepage (

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